The iPhone Privacy Case


The Ultimate Privacy Case for iPhones

Since the last decade, we can’t live without our smartphones anymore. We take them anywhere and use them anytime. We use them to call our colleagues, text our friends, and send GIFS of cute cats to our family. The camera on the iPhone is getting better by the year. Because of this, an increasing number of apps are using your camera, from Face Swap to a QR code scanner. Not only app developers want to use your camera, but also hackers, other companies, and governments want to use it. Because we can’t all be an IT specialist, we don’t know what to trust. The iPhone Privacy Case makes sure that you decide when you want to be visible, with a simple slide.


Use your iPhone’s features as you always have

Designing the Spy-Fy iPhone Privacy Case for a perfect device like the iPhone is no easy task. Over a year our designers have searched for the best possible solution that will provide our customers with privacy without compromising functionality. Many prototypes and many sleepless nights later we are proud to present our privacy solution for iPhones. Our iPhone Privacy Case features two sliding camera covers. The sliders for both the front and main camera are beautifully engineered so they can be opened and closed with just one easy move while at the same time they don’t compromise other functionalities on your iPhone like the flashlight or Face ID. Both sliders are rigorously tested to guarantee long-term usage.


Elegant and Sleek iPhone Privacy Case

We understand that your iPhone is not just a phone but a modern accessory that has to reflect your personal style too. That is why we offer the iPhone Privacy Case in 4 beautiful colors: Mallow Pink, Coconut White, Ocean Blue, and the most elegant Almost Black. Made from premium ABS on the inside and soft silicone on the outside the iPhone Privacy Phone Case glows with subtle elegance and modern creativity while protecting your iPhone from everyday wear and tear.

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